Sunday, January 29, 2012

First ATC Swap

I finally got up the nerve to join in on a swap with my Zentangles.  The swap was for an ATC - size card.  I made one for my partner and another as a hostess gift.


I like drawing the Mooka Pod and the flower in the corners.  I tend to draw them a lot.  I try not to draw the same designs over and over again, so I'll go through my Zentangle books and just pick a design out I have not tried before and go with it.

The next was for a challenge/raffle.  There were a couple templates to choose from to tangle in, a bird, flower and a vase.  I liked the vase and chose it.  Below is my finished drawing.  I'm always afraid to add shading to my drawings, so if it is an important piece, I will make a photo copy of the drawing and shade it in and see how it looks.  If I'm satisfied with the overall shading, then I'll do it on the original drawing.

I recently purchased the 2012 Zentangle Calendar from Carol Ohl and have enjoyed drawing in the calendar.  The card stock that is used in the book is wonderful to draw on.  The paper is so smooth that your Micron pen will just glide on the paper.  I will post some pictures of my drawing from the calendar soon. 


  1. Found you!

    HI, Carol,

    I also joined the Yahoo site - thanks for the info.

    This is BAD for tatting! I have been online looking at zentangles all a.m. or drawing... NO TATTING for the first time in three years!

    This is an extremely addictive activity and I'm afraid I am royally hooked!
    Fox ; )) (foxtangle on the Yahoo site)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad there will be another tatter at the Zentangle group. I know what you mean about not tatting because you are surfing Zentangle sites and drawing. You will find a balance between the two. I keep looking at tatting designs and incorporating them into my drawing. Looking forward to seeing you on the Zentangle group. Enjoy!