Friday, February 17, 2012

In Remembrence of Gina

An online friend from the tatting community that I belong to has passed away, my heart is sad with the loss of this dear lady.  I drew this picture for her.  I will miss you Gina Brummett! 

Tangled Heart

I needed a Get Well card and thought it would be nice to make my own.  I saw a heart with a flower in the center on-line awhile back.  I wish I would have bookmarked the site, but here is my version of the heart I saw.
More hearts are coming for the month of February. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February

Where did January go?   I blinked and it was gone.  Anyway, since February 14 is Valentine's Day and Hearts represent this Holiday, I think all my Zentangle drawings this month will have hearts in them or have hearts as the focal point.  I have a few drawings done already.  Drawing hearts always gives me a happy feeling.

These two hearts I drew last year when I first learned about Zentangle.  I didn't have any Micron pens yet so I drew these in pencil. I mentioned before that Mooka is one of my favorite tangles, but I also really like betweed.

This next heart I just drew a couple days ago, it is a Twinchi size, which is 2" x 2"  It resembles the two hearts above.

I will be posting more hearts later, that's all for now.

Happy Tangling!