Thursday, June 16, 2011

My New Obsession

In May, I was watching a show on tv, Scrapbook Memories, and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer was demonstrating how to draw Zentangle® inspired art.  The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at

  I have always liked to doodle, but this was taking doodling to a whole new level.  I searched Zentangle®  inspired art on the internet and I was so excited to see the beautiful art created by so many.  I am starting this blog to keep track of my drawings and I can watch my progression in my work.  Since I am new to Zentangle®, I feel I have much improving to do.

This week "I Am the Diva" has another weekly challenge.  Spiral Out, Keep Going, Challenge #26.  Here are a few of the Spirals I have done for this challenge.

Before I  saw the challenge for the week, I was working on this piece, it fits the theme.

Happy Tangling!!


  1. I love all three of your spirals. It's interesting to note they all curl in the same direction.

  2. Three lovely spirals, I really enjoy your use of white space.

  3. Lovely!!! Very delicate yet intricate!

  4. I love all 3 of your tangles. Isn't it amazing how addictive tangling is?

  5. Carol, thanks for all the feedback and comments you have given on my blog I can't wait to see what you send in for the world doodle challenge. Glad you love the little chicken guys and did you find my elephants yet.... I have a few scattered somewhere on the blog.

    Thanks again for following and spread the word to others that the doodle daily is there. They too can join in on the fun.

    All the best
    The Doodle Daily.