Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Christmas Gift

I have been working on this drawing for the last month.  I wanted to give something special to John Trygar of Trygar Music.  He has been giving my son guitar lessons for 8 years.  The one in the frame is for John, the smaller one I made for my son Cameron.

Friday, February 17, 2012

In Remembrence of Gina

An online friend from the tatting community that I belong to has passed away, my heart is sad with the loss of this dear lady.  I drew this picture for her.  I will miss you Gina Brummett! 

Tangled Heart

I needed a Get Well card and thought it would be nice to make my own.  I saw a heart with a flower in the center on-line awhile back.  I wish I would have bookmarked the site, but here is my version of the heart I saw.
More hearts are coming for the month of February. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February

Where did January go?   I blinked and it was gone.  Anyway, since February 14 is Valentine's Day and Hearts represent this Holiday, I think all my Zentangle drawings this month will have hearts in them or have hearts as the focal point.  I have a few drawings done already.  Drawing hearts always gives me a happy feeling.

These two hearts I drew last year when I first learned about Zentangle.  I didn't have any Micron pens yet so I drew these in pencil. I mentioned before that Mooka is one of my favorite tangles, but I also really like betweed.

This next heart I just drew a couple days ago, it is a Twinchi size, which is 2" x 2"  It resembles the two hearts above.

I will be posting more hearts later, that's all for now.

Happy Tangling!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

First ATC Swap

I finally got up the nerve to join in on a swap with my Zentangles.  The swap was for an ATC - size card.  I made one for my partner and another as a hostess gift.


I like drawing the Mooka Pod and the flower in the corners.  I tend to draw them a lot.  I try not to draw the same designs over and over again, so I'll go through my Zentangle books and just pick a design out I have not tried before and go with it.

The next was for a challenge/raffle.  There were a couple templates to choose from to tangle in, a bird, flower and a vase.  I liked the vase and chose it.  Below is my finished drawing.  I'm always afraid to add shading to my drawings, so if it is an important piece, I will make a photo copy of the drawing and shade it in and see how it looks.  If I'm satisfied with the overall shading, then I'll do it on the original drawing.

I recently purchased the 2012 Zentangle Calendar from Carol Ohl and have enjoyed drawing in the calendar.  The card stock that is used in the book is wonderful to draw on.  The paper is so smooth that your Micron pen will just glide on the paper.  I will post some pictures of my drawing from the calendar soon. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Best Giveaway Ever - Stop by and Check it out!!

If you love Zentangle, you don't want to miss out on this giveaway.  The Diva has had 200,000 hits on her blog and is celebrating by offering three awesome prize packages on her blog.  It all ends November 30th.  Do check it out! Just hit the link below!

Diva's Give away Celebration 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Challenge #29: "String Theory v. IV: Creative Genesis"

Well, I am definetly behind in the weekly challenges.  I really enjoyed this one.  I have some very interesting antique Mother of Pearl Buckles that I used for my string.

 I was just looking at the top left string, and the string doesn't match the drawing.  It is however the buckle I used.  So I must not have taken a picture of the actual string for this one.


I do have one more drawing to add to this challenge, but it is not finished yet.  So I will add it on a later blog post.

Now to get busy on some of the other challenges that can be found at "I am the Diva"